Laser wiring schematic

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If I were to add a PWM controlled laser with this laser driver unit and control it from the Xcontroller, would the ground from PWM output join the 12v power from transformer, or do you skip the ground from xcontroller and just run the PWM signal cable. I have left safety switches etc. out of the wiring diagram for clarity of relevant circuitry as per picture.

laser control

The software setup with grbl and Vcarve will be sorted later, I’m curious as to the provision of only one ground input and whether the PWM signal needs ground from the Xcontroller.

Please don’t advise Jtech solution, it’s never in stock in the UK with RoboSavvy, and shipping from US adds some 30% plus with taxes and handling.

Are you looking for a laser driver or info on how to wire a driver?

If you need parts try here;

They have set-ups made for the X-Carve and fairly good support.

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Just the wiring of the pictured driver. More pertinently, whether there is a need for ground from xcontroller or just PWM. signal.

Getting anything from the US is painful in extra duty and VAT to be paid, then paying agents(UPS etc) to collect duty and taxes. Has to be European sensibly.

It should be wired according to the drivers manufactures specs. You would need to contact them.

Ordinarily there is a laser ground and laser (spindle) PWM plus power supply connections.