Laser Y roller use?

Has anyone used a Y axis roller with the X-controller and a laser?
I have the upgraded x-carve that has just been release so have better height, im using a Jtec laser with great success but would like to start lasering with a roller…
Im a learn as you go hobbiest…i.e failed lots learned loads…but before i buy the roller hardware…i would like to know if its compatible with rollers…
I have seen this roller… FTG K40 Rotary Machine HOLD-DOWN SOLD SEPARATELY | FTG K40 Rotary (
but open to others if people have them working.


I would apply a clamp to hold the Y axis in place, then disconnect the Y motors from the controller and connect your new roller (and adjust the grbl setting for the proper steps/mm for the roller) and then it’d work just fine :+1:

Not X-Carve, but maybe PawPaw will see this and chime in on X-Carve compatability: