LaserInk Kickstarter Package

I broke down and bought a 60W laser so I have no need for this anymore. I purchased the LaserInk laser attachement for the Shapeoko2 from Nicholas Williams here:
Happy to take pictures of the setup if anyone is interested.

I’ve never gotten around to setting it up and everything is still in the box. It comes with a software license and from what others have said their Laser software is pretty solid.
If you have any interest in purchasing it, let me know. PM or you can email at kyleacker at gmail dot com
I’ll grab some pictures after the weekend and also see if I can find the Wattage of the diode.

The link goes to a page 404 error
Found the page.

Here is the quote from the KS page:
“The laser ink project is a hardware and software product. We are selling a 2 watt solid state laser head with a 3 element glass lens designed to fit onto the Shapeoko 2 CNC. We have also designed our own software “Object Works” to make controlling both the laser and the CNC easy.”

Indeed. I got a CO2 laser whereas this is a diode… Pictures coming today!

Images attached. First is of the breakout board that is wired to your controller the second is of the laser carriage and laser.