Last adjustment? holes are not coming out round need help

The other day i spent hours checking every v wheels, belts, every nut and bolt. I have since fixed the other issues with the XCarve but I cant get the issue of holes to come out perfectly round. I do not believe it is mechanical because it is consistent in the size and shape.

Im trying to make some 3/8 and 1/2 inch holes in 1/2 MDF and they are coming out slightly oblong. Im using Vcare pro and using the pocket feature to do this with a 1/8 endmill. Im ramping down at 20 plunge rate and 20 on the feed rate. I did adjust the pots up and down and that made no difference.

this is what i have or have done to my machine.
1000mm x 1000m
steel plate in between the X axis
turned up the pots
Dwalt 611
VCarve Pro
UGS v 1.0.8
Windows 10
64 bit

Just a thought but have you tried without ramping down?

Two quick thoughts:

  1. Have you tried easel for a test? It would be a “simpler” system.
  2. Have you tried UGS 2.0? I’ve had better luck with that.

Here is a video on calibrating the steps per inch. You may need to make some adjustments. Also cut a large shallow circle in a large piece of stock (just profile) and make sure the issue repeats itself. If it is consistent and you are getting nice smooth full dept cuts that are oblong, I would be it is either your steps per inch calibration or the post processor you chose in V-Carve.

Here is a video on calibration: Steps/mm Calibration

Somewhere on this site is information on the correct post-processor to use in V-Carve.

No difference if i dont ramp into the work. Easle is out of the question i dont have Internet at the shop. I did the calibration for the X, Y, and Z those are all now within .001 or dead on. I have re checked the v wheels as well.

One thing i notice at the end of checking this machine over again is, and has to be dealt with is the rails for the Y axis move side to side .010 of an inch when running. Thats not pushing the Xcave at all, .065 depth and 30 on the speed. Do you think that can be the issue?

Someone else said to check the $11 and $12 in the UGS. How to check these and how to calibrate?

Well… possibly. Many of us have done mods to the y axis- - mid way installing a bracket. You could leave your spindle off with a bit on and lower it into your wasteboard to where it touches and then gently lower it more to see how much flexion is occurring. I am guessing it is a LOT. Do you have a straight (not spiral) end mill? Down spiral will draw the bit down and upcut does the opposite. Straight would give you a better chance to see if flexion is an issue.

Have you resolved this issue? I am having the same issue and would like help. I am cutting about 100 hundred small holes in 1/4 mdf. Some of my cuts have been perfect, and with no apparent change in the machine, other have been as you have described “oblong.” The misshaping is consistent and no amount of tightening or loosening of the v-wheels or belts seem to have any effect. I am using Easel and have not altered the motor current.

I havent still does it. I had to give up, at least with customer support, they are very helpful, but we went through all possibilities and even they are stumped.

Look at my post " how accurate is your machine? Can you produce anything within claimed specs"? Even with a pen and drawing circles it wont do circles that are better than .20 out of round with it oblong on a 2 inch circle. With the pen, that took out deflection of the tool out of the equation. I believe its in the Ardrino, grbl or the steppers . Im not sure if I want to spend $400 on a better controller like the Planet cnc MK3/4 on the XC.

How much are yours out of round? And does it change with the size of circle? Mine seems to be .20 to .26 no matter the size of the circle.

Like I said look at my post if you have a thought or idea let me know. Maybe the both of us can get it figured out.

Easel doesn’t require Internet to run the X-Carve. If you have a laptop available load Easel Local and your project up when near the Internet. Then walk over to the shop and you can run your test without Internet.

Use caution not to close the browser or click back because it will stop the job or you will lose your work since you aren’t online. As long as the page stays up you’ll be able to connect and Carve.

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I had no idea about this! That’s fantastic!