Last Supper Engraving

My best detailed carving of the Last Supper to date.

Used my SO2/X-Carve/cnc4newbies hybrid. Reclaimed cypress paneling. Tapered ball bit. Step over 8%. Finish pass only. About 5 hours. VCarve Desktop & PicSender.

Still have to apply a finish. Will use clear gloss lacquer only to preserve the wood’s beauty. It turns a beautiful (IMO) amber color.


Beautiful piece of work John.
At 5 hours of machine time, what is the size of the picture?
Please post a picture after the finish is applied.

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Thank you Jan,
Carving is 5.25x8 inches. Took longer than I normally take, but used smaller bn bit than usual.

Gorgeous. Well done.

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Very nice. This might be good as a box lid for a confirmation Bible.

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Beautiful! I assume you found or purchased an STL file from somewhere. Can you share your source?

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Thank you. Been a while, but Etsy I think.

This is epic. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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