Lateral play (slop) in flanged bearing in the Z axis motor plate

With the cap screws all the way tightened, there is quite a bit of slop in the flanged bearing mounted in the Z axis motor plate. Is this ok?

Please call support 312-775-7009 or message them at so they can investigate it with you.

I ended up shimming mine with a small piece of thin aluminum. The main bearing bore was oversized by about a millimiter. Also the flange recess could stand to be a bit shallower by say .25 to .5 mm so the bearing is held tight against the bottom of the recess.

I ended up putting THIN layer of shoe goo around the outside of the bearing. I’ve done that before with other bearing mounts. You just have to be careful. But it worked here too. I was surprised by the loose fit.

Hi folks this is my 1st post so be gentle with me please.
I am from the UK and have just finished putting my new x carve 1000mm together
all seems good except I am finding that there is excessive play in the Z axis spindle plate I up graded to the 611, looking at your posts I’m guessing similar issues is there any chance of some more info on how to over come this please, thanks in advance.
if anyone has a pic of there fix would very much appreciate seeing thanks again Mark.