Latest attempt at relief carving

This design was bought on ebay and then the gcode was made in artcam. The roughing was done with a 3mm flat bit and the finishing was done with a 1.5mm bullnose.

The roughing I did with easel but i was not able to make easel work on the finishing pass. Easel kept crashing when it was supposed to start carving. I ended up using G code sender for the finishing pass. I’m guessing that it was just to much data for Easel to process. The g-code file for the finish is 20MB.


That is beautiful. Well done!

holy crap.
what were the search terms on ebay?

search for:

stl cnc model

I have bought a bunch of models from ebay.

I usually simply search for “artcam”, happy browsing :-).

That looks great, how long did it take?

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Six-seven hours on the rough cut and about 14 hours on the finishing cut.
The finished product is about 14.5x14.5 inches.

That is absolutely stunning. Well done!

Love it.
I use a ball nose that is smaller but still looks great.

That would be nice with a clock

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That’s really awesome looking, very inspirational.

Really great work! I’m getting into a lot of 3D carves lately and having a tricky time dialing in my feed rate and depth of cut to where I’m confident to leave the machine alone.

What were your feedrate and depth of cut settings here?

For the 3mm endmill I use : 15mm/sec feedrate, 1.5 mm stepdown (depth of cut), 1.2 mm stepover (advance in x/y direction for each cut). My plunge rate is set to 8mm/sec and lastly the spindle speed is set to 15000 rpm.

For the 1.5mm ball nose the only difference is the stepover, this is set to 0.18mm (meaning I get 290mm/0.18mm -> about 1600 passes on the finishing run.)

Sorry for the metric units, but I live in Europe and can’t wrap my head around the american inches :slight_smile: . Everything is so much easier when things are dividable by 10 ;-).

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This is fascinating!, What exactly are you getting from the ebay seller? A digital download, a disk? Also, what is the file you are getting? I see a lot of descriptions saying STL. Is that what it is, or does it come in other formats?

What you get is an e-mail with a link to a zip file on dropbox or a similar service. The zip file contains a STL file (at least that is what I’ve gotten for all of mine.)

The size of the STL file for this design was 130MB (so it makes sense to compress it into a zip file.)

Then import that into your favorite software, do any and all adjustments and generate the g-code.

very cool. I would be happy with just the carved frame as I see that as having many uses.

There are plenty of frames that you can buy on ebay (and probably other places as well.) I haven’t done any frame only project yet but that is a good idea :slight_smile:.

Beautiful job. Based on your info I’ve already bought a few stl files from eBay.

Can I ask - what wood did you use?

Sorry for the late reply, cheap hobby plates of birch wood is the only thing that can be readily sourced here in Norway so that is what I am using.