Latest custom request

What do you guys think? I did a roughing pass with a .125" and a finishing with a .0625" all in Fusion 360 these are sides to napkin holders lol all I had to work with was an image I think they turned out great


What’s the material?


its .25" mdf

Looks great, would love to see it finished! :slight_smile:


me to lol customer wants it unfinished for now

aww, customer gets what they want tho! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! This is the kind of piece I’d experiment with running a 90° v-bit along the perimeter by cutting “On the Line” or a slight offset to a depth that does a slight chamfer.


yeah about 90% of my business is mdf cutouts right now lol I started with that because its the easiest project to launch just take a image and throw it up there and then cut it I take alot of time on my cut outs to make sure they are nice and sanded so when people get them they are paint ready

but now I am getting into manufacturing products for retailers thats where I really want to be headed

I will also cut out of Plastics hard/soft woods but no one has ordered yet


yeah i would like to experiment with doing that but like the crown for example they take almost 45 min each to cut and thats just way to long to make any money and adding that step would increase the time by probably 10 min or so maybe less

On custom orders I dont worry a whole lot about refining the cam strategy a whole lot but these sure need some heavy modifications lol its taken all day to cut 12 of them out

good idea though thanks