Latest sign

Here was the last sign we carved… It is 60" long and made from 3mm brushed aluminum dibond® and stuck to the entrancewall with vhb tape

<img src=“//” width=“690” height


Can you give us the specs on cutting dibond? Thanks.

Nice! How did you cut a 60" piece?

I went 20ipm at .0625doc using a .25" “O” Spiral upcut bit I was also using a Bosch router set on 4

I built a 5 x 8 table - it’s not that impressive - the Y axes is fine but the X still needs beefed up after installing steel plate mod - sometime it wants to bounce in the middle of the table -

I have posted pics before on here

here is a link to the thread Shapeoko 2 (Discussion,Assembly,Tweaks) - #36 by DustinNull