Lattice in 3D

Anyone carved this 3D lattice?


Pretty cool Zach i will need to try that one.

@Zach_Kaplan That looks really good. The tapering, is that a series of small rectangles set to differ depth?

Yea @rodovich made it as an SVG with a script I believe. I imported because I thought the idea of using greyscale to make a curve was really cool.

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Using a end mill bit should make that transition fairly smooth I assume?

I’m not sure. A ball endmill could be interesting.

What about greyscale to g code for easel pro?

Easel does it now.

Dose I need an svg or can I open a greyscale png?

You need a greyscale SVG

Ok i would consider this as another technic. Generating a greyscale svg seams pretty difficult ore is there a simple option?

I believe you can do it in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Inkscape. The one posted above was done with a script. @JeremySimmons could probably explain it better than me.

Definitely have to look into that.

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I started with a piece of foam and a ball endmill increased the feedrate to 240ipm. I also increased my depth of cut to make sure the clearing happened really fast.

Any chance, someone could steer me in the right direction please.

I have converted a picture to greyscale and tried to import it into Easel.

But I get this message pop up

We can’t import this SVG

Your SVG contains objects that are not supported by Easel.

The file contains embedded images.

Check out the SVG Import Guide for more help, or try the following tips:

•Remove Images
Only vector paths are importable. Some vector programs like inkscape can embed images into an SVG. Make sure to remove any raster/image type object within your SVG.

•Remove Gradients and Clip Paths
Only solid stroke and fill colors are meaningful for Easel. Advanced visual effects like clipping paths and gradients will not be imported correctly.

•Export using SVG “Tiny”
Vector editors usually allow you to choose a type of SVG to export. To get the best results use “SVG Tiny” or “SVG Basic”. Do not use “SVG 2.0”

So how do I remove the image for the SVG please ?


Easel works ONLY with vector objects. Looking at the lattice that originated this thread, understand that each different shade of black/gray/white is actually a separate vector object (independent rectangles, if you want to think of it that way).

The step you’re missing is taking your grayscale image and converting it into some kind of assemblage of vector objects based on threshold levels of gray (assuming you still want to use Easel for CAM and G-code sending).

I think one version or another of the Aspire software can do this whole process (I don’t have it myself, but plenty of other people on the forum do and may chime in). In fact, I believe it will do a “full” 3D interpolation of a grayscale image, rather than something 2.5D or “stepped” like the lattice illustrated above. Otherwise, I direct you to the almighty Google.