Layering Questions - Outlines

Howdy all, this is a two part question. I am working on a fairly complicated clock design in Inkscape/Easel but have distilled the essence of the questions into below.

  1. With two overlapping shapes, is it possible to cut the shape outlines of both (think boolean AND) without carving into lower layered 2nd shape?

Above is a simple example of two shapes overlapping. What I’d like is (generated with Google SketchUp):

  1. Is it possible to combine Easel operations? For instance, in the last image above, changing the ‘fill’ depth and also cutting the outline? I think it is possible by adding other filler shapes around the shapes, or by doing a cut and saving home, modifying in easel, then cutting the next operation, but I’m curious if there’s a way to combine those operations into one carve.

Thanks guys!


Ok, here is my best way to explain how to do this. make your square and circle the size you want and the position them together they way you want making note of both sizes and positions in the shape dialogue box. make both as outline, then set depth as deep as the material. once that is done select both items, click on edit then combine. this makes that basic shape that will cut all the way out as shown. then you want to make the same size square and circle but this time place them together then make that square as depth of 0.0 with an on the line shape, make the circle as half deep (1/4 of 1/2 or 1/8 of 1/4 etc.) however you want. then select both and combine. this will remove the square from the circle shape. then place the new cut on top of your outline cut and presto you have what you have shown here. If anyone has a better way please post as I know this is long and detailed.

I have made I quick demo as shown here. hope this shares well.

@KennethConnell has a great explanation.

Here’s some graphics of how to do the same.

Make a square at (2,2) and a circle at (3,1)

Hold shift to select both, use the right click menu to combine.
Set the depth to your material depth.

Add a new circle at (3,1) and set the depth to 1/4 (assuming material of 1/2), and send it behind the other shapes.

As a last step to JeremySimmons’ directions above…

Don’t forget to add another square at the same coordinates as the square portion of the outline. Make it a cut depth of zero and bring it to the front that way you get the square and the stepped down circle as shown by the OP.



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Thanks for the help guys! Going to give this a try.

These are some of the pieces I’m working with, trying to finagle together in Easel:

This is by far perfect, but it was a quick an dirty attempt that should get you going in the right direction.

Clock Face w/ F35 Hour Hand



Looks like a great success on this end. Thanks again for the help guys.