Layers/grouping/locking to easel

i love the simplicity of easel but i feel like i am paying a pro price for an amateur product. i would love the ability to either be able to put shapes on separate layers that i could then lock or at least have the ability to lock shapes

grouping shapes is another feature i would really like to see, i know you can combine shapes but that makes them one solid object and that is not what i am looking for if i want to move a collection of shapes and keep them editable

when working with very complex cuts it would be helpful to have these features especially if there are many small shapes that get lost within the design

finally, being able to change the background to a transparency grid or changing the color of the background altogether. when working with white shapes or shapes that very shallow cuts and are nearly white in the grid vew, they can get lost on the surface grid and having a transparency grid like photoshop has or being able to set the background to a neutral color other than white would make finding these shapes much easier


These are some awesome suggestions, I’ll make sure and send them over to our Easel development team.

Shape pinning is actually supported, you’ll need to turn it on in the machine inspector and then you just select the shape and hit the thumbtack icon in the shape/cut depth menu.

thanks, i will look for that feature

i was chatting with Zach over on twitter and he told me to come over here and drop my suggestions in this features thread

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