Layout to export to UGS

Hi. I’m a total newbie. I am running a Bobs Evolution 4. I’m creating my design in Easel and exporting the gcode to UGS. I tried my first run tonight. After 3 complete fails, I’m calling it quits for the night.

What’s the trick to laying the design out in easel to get it to cut properly on the bobs cnc?

Need more input :slight_smile:

Share your Easel design (if inclined), File-Share-SharePublic-Copy URL and click Save. Share URL here.

What are your specific 3 fails? In what way, when?
Got a pic of the material/fails?

Anything that can give clues will give us…clues :slight_smile:

Assuming your machine is set up to run on UGS, you need to open the Gcode file in UGS and hit send. The key is having the machine set up to run GRBL.

Getting Started With Universal Gcode Sender (UGS) – BobsCNC

Then you have to have a gcode file. I use other programs to create them, but the result is a list of Gcode that will work with my router. A generic post processor like Fanuc or Maxnc work with mine. Occasionally I’ll remove a couple of codes in notepad because GRBL doesn’t like them all. In this day and age, I’d imagine there is a Bob’s post processor available.

Also, you need to have the right com port selected and the correct baud rate, assuming that your software is up to date.

Then it is a matter of just opening up UGS, the select file mode, then open your program, and hit send.

I use an older stable version of UGS, with fewer bells and whistles than the more current versions.

My machine is set up to use home switches, so I have to click on $X to get the software ready to go.

If your machine is running then it’s just a matter of learning the ins and outs of Easel.