Learning bits

Hi guys startimg to get my head around easel and carving well sort of lol as a newbie need some advise on bits recommendations on mill bit to use and finishing bit etc all help most grateful

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what bits do you have, best way to go is play with them on materials to get results you like.
easel does a pretty good job with cut settings but thtas a baseline for sure, it depends on what your making mostly material finsh etc, but there are lots of info on bits in the forums for sure to help you. i was new very recently but have a pretty good understanding on bits and such now… happy carving

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In addition to @SethCNC’s excellent advice take a look here https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012849233-Carving-Bits-101-Bit-Basics

also: Color-coded pdf poster of all the bit sizes? - #3 by LeeWyatt

and check out the inventables YouTube channel - there’s various videos on bits and their use https://www.youtube.com/@inventables

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