Leather marking

Hi All,

I’m looking to do some etching/marking of leather soon. But in the meantime tried it on some scraps I had. Works really well and could possibly be my new favourite thing.

Done with the JTech 2.8w laser on the X-Carve.




GlowForge has got nuthin’ on an X-Carve with a freakin’ laser! :sunglasses: (laser safety goggles)

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The GF sure can’t do nothing like this on leather. We raster engraved it with two combined analog modulated 445nm laser diodes on white leather.



That, my friend, is definitely a piece of art!


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Thank you very much Chris.

Some much thicker 3mm leather. Able to run at 1500mm/min and still get solid deep markings. :smile:

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I’m off to Tandy! :grinning:

Did you try to cut the leather or PVC with laser ?
And how speed you use for engraving ?