Leaving x controller on constantly

Hello newbie here, this might be a silly question, but does anyone leave there x controller on on all the time, or do you shut it off when not using it, thank you

My guess is most people shut it off. I don’t think there really is any benefit to leaving it on all the time.

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Thank you

I only leave it on if I:

a) paused a carve
b) am going to do another phase of a carve that same day/night and don’t want to either lose my zero, have to re-home it, or lose my Y axis alignment.

Can you leave it on? Probably. Your motors will be energized but with reduced current (by default) so there will probably be a draw on the supply which generates some heat but the fan would be running to combat that.

Not sure what machine, but leaving it on counts against warranty. I think? Lol

I think that was the carvey.
The machine your referencing to has a counter on it.
As far as leaving the X-controller on. Other than eating up electricity there should be no issue. I used to leave my computer on all the time and its way more demanding.

Just in terms of general shop practice that sounds like a bad precedent to set. I personally don’t leave ANYTHING plugged in when I’m not using it (except vacuums) because I don’t want to be one switch flip from a really bad day over a stupid mistake. The act of using any tool should be a very deliberate act involving knowing when it is “armed” and not.

Hi, the limited warranty only applies to Carvey and to clarify simply leaving the Carvey machine on does not count as carving time - only when the spindle is running while carving a job.

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