LED Lights don’t work

I just finished my X-Carve build and the LEDs don’t light up on the front or back of the X Control. It works fine and have carved a few things but I want the LEDs to work. Any ideas?

Open it up and check the wiring.

Check your Emergency Stop, if it is in the stop mode the power light wont light up but you will hear the fan running.
Check by pushing down on the button, if it does not click, then it needs to be reset by turning the knob.

I had the same problem, I opened up the control box and everything was good and tight hooked up correctly. I emailed the company and the sent me a new power board and button board. Installed them and now I have lights.

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Yea me too. I checked three times. interesting that an LED would go out before even using. I will email support tonight and see what they can do. Thanks for the help brother.

I’ve had the same issue since assembly but since the machine runs I never looked into it.