LED Lotus Meditation Cube

Hey Everyone! I just completed my first project on a desktop CNC mill using inventables’ end mills and would love some feedback on the project. I made a detailed instructional which shows all of the steps required to build this LED Lotus light enclosure which can be seen here. http://www.instructables.com/id/Lotus-Meditation-Cube/

You can also download all of the .stl files if you wanted to try making one yourself on your own carvey or x-carve.

Would love to hear what the inventabes community thinks about my first project :slight_smile: I had a lot of fun making it and documenting the process. I would get a real kick out of it if someone else decided to make this project.




Great idea and excellent work on the Instructable. Your pictures and videos are very professional.

Thanks Sean, appreciate the feedback. I had a lot of fun making the cube and the instructable. It is exciting what you can do with these desktop CNC mills

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I hadn’t considered carving from the back-side so the CNC could take care of the miters. I would have used my router table. Thanks for the idea!

Nicely done!