Led projects



Hi @JosephSmith, these are really cool. What is the material and what bit are you using?

I’m wanting to make some signs like this. How are you buying your LEDs and controllers?

I’ve found strips of LEDs that are really long and have a wireless remote. I’d love to have something that could be easier and built into the base of the piece.

Or do you just have a long role of LEDs and cut to length?

i purchase my cast acrylic and led on ebay so far best way for me i just cut them down to lengths i need real easy and if you just want one color you can get pigtails that clip right onto led strips as far as bits i just use 1/8" or 1/4" end mills most the time just make sure that router speeds are turned way down slow also i cut .010 deep


What software are you using?

These are great Joseph :smile:

Apparently you can have more even lighting top to bottom by making the cut shallow at the bottom and get gradually deeper higher up. I’m not sure if that’s true but it is something you’ve tried?

I’d cut the same depth but just have the material clamped on wedges to tilt the material to try it.



i use easel, also i cut just one dept never needed to use gradient cut you can change brightness with remote or frame entire acrylic if you want more light really endless possibility’s

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also the thicker the material the better the light transfers the ford one was out of 1/2" and i just had the led lights sitting under it the rest are 1/4" and the better you position the light under it helps

I did something like this with a wooden base. Carved out the base to install the lights and such. I’ve done a couple more of these since, too. They are a big hit!