LED strip on glass shelves project

When I first thought of using LED strips to my mind it seemed a simple process but since researching the dirty underbelly and plethora of options I still can’t seem to find a simple solution or indeed what the best option is ?
I have 3 glass corner shelfs 10mm thick.
I want to put LED strip light on the 2 back edges of all of them, run and hide the cables behind what is a wood panel on the right, connect them all up to each other and run them off one controller and power supply ?
Could any please offer some advice on how to achieve this I’ve read such conflicting information.
The shelves are under 1m apart (900mm)
Can I bend or connect strips to deal with the 90° corner ? Do I need connectors or splitters ? to connect all 3 shelves ?
I think I would like to use 10mm rgbw that cuts ever 3 leds.
Could you please please advice me on the best solution for this project and what bits I need to buy, connectors or splitters or cable lengths etc
Your assistance would be appreciated

I believe Amazon has extender connectors, and connector t’s, so you can run one controller and power supply. You would cut each piece to fit each shelve connect the extenders to your t’s and run to power supply. I get all my supplies from Amazon.

Thanks for that it looks brilliant but I think I’d like to put the cables right in the corner, so was thinking maybe a Y connector, seperate strips on each edge, then feed all 3 shelves down to a 3 into 1 splitter, then to the controller.
Would that work do you think ?

I use this place for some of my lighting supplies.

You’ll want a 4-way connector for all but the top shelf.

Thanks mate just realised I could use a T at the top and X connectors on the other 2 and do away with the splitter, can you confirm that would work and all 6 strips will light up ?

Seriously thank you for all your input.
I’m sure it’s kinda straightforward once you’ve done it but thanks for your patience
I have bought the rgbw led strip kit, 1 T clip and 2 X clips and some extension cable.
If I could as one more stupid question ?
Do I just snap the extension cable in to the clips or do I need a wire specif clip ? Same with the power source is it as simple as just snap the ends in to the clip and off you go ?


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