Lenovo Ideapad 100S laptop

The Xcarve 1000 arrived last month and is up and running with no problems.
I bought the Lenovo Ideapad 100S as a super cheap laptop to run Easel out in the workshop thinking
I would need to upgrade later on.
Well … Easel of course runs perfectly but is limited so I looked at Vectric Cut2D Desktop as an affordable
upgrade from Easel.

Well … Cut2D runs just fine on the little laptop that could and it also runs on the copy of XP that
resides on the Mac Mini in the house. I also use Corel Draw X6 on XP on the Mac.

Well … guess what? yep, that’s right the Ideapad running Windows 10 handles Corel Draw just fine as well.

I guess for now I’ll need to put off buying a fancy laptop.

For $149 This little laptop fits perfectly with the XCarve and related software that I own and use.

I think Easel is the bomb by the way!


The shed PC I have connected to the X-Carve is fairly minimal in terms of storage (80GB hard disk I think) but it’s network connected to about 5TB of storage on other systems in the house.
Speed isn’t an issue and it’s handy to keep all the important files in one place that I can access from any system as required.
Backup of course is a separate problem.