Lesson learned

@KyleBechtold which of the 3 workspaces do you want? Are they all the same? My computer is simulating the detailed toolpaths now.

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Hi @KyleBechtold

I just emailed you the gcode. I couldn’t figure out how to attach it here.

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@JeremyHarrison do you want me to try and run yours and send you the gcode? If so please change the sharing permissions. Right now it’s a private project.


Try it now. If this don’t work I’ll have to do it when I get home and have the computer and not the cell phone.

If you send the g code what does that do. Sorry I’m new and still learning all the ins and outs.

When you click share make sure you hit save before closing out. still not working.

I just tried the first shared link I am freezing at the same spot as his screen shots.

In my experience it looked like it froze but it was actually still working and then finished a few minutes later.

@BlueLocktite what type of computer, processor, and memory do you have?


Finally got home and had access to a computer. Sorry about the troubles.

It hasn’t stopped. It is working on the final pass for the V bit. We are working to improve that performance and give better feedback.

If you let it continue it should generate g-code for you in less than 20 minutes, since that was the time you observed prior to combining objects.

Maybe so, but it is moving around A LOT.

a year old HP windows laptop. I thought it may be my crap internet (satellite) but I don’t think it is the issue.

just for reference… this one of mine took a few minutes to simulate.

Then I went back to Kyle’s and it froze on the same spot again… it gets to that point pretty quick then just stops.

does GPU play any part in how Easel completes it process to generate the toolpaths…I have an Nvidia 1080 GPU, I5 3.4GHZ 16 gbs Ram, solid state drive and 150 meg per second internet and easel still lags or crashes on very detailed projects or even projects where the depth of cut is below a quarter inch in a large piece of material.

So, postulating here, could this be an issue of 64-bit vs. 32-bit browsers?

I’ve seen weirdness between them in the past.

No, not once you are past the detailed preview step.

Your internet connection has no impact on tool path generation time either. You could turn off your wifi or unplug your ethernet cable, and it wouldn’t affect tool path generation at all.


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@KyleBechtold we pushed an optimization and the combined version of your design (workpiece #3) now generates tool paths in about 3 min and 48 seconds on my computer. Note: The progress bar still appears to hang toward the end, but it is still working.

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