Lets talk about extreem shielding

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You all are pretty smart and would like some thoughts or ideas on this “situation”

I am a solar guy. Have had my own company for about 5 years. talking to a potential client now that says she has some EMF sickness. She wants to be off grid… but that is not going to happen… even if she had room for at least (88) 200ah batteries and (150) solar panels. She says that the power company is threatening to shut off her power if she doesn’t let them put in a smart meter (like all her neighbors have). I was working on my CNC build the other day and was grounding my shielded wire and I started to think… could we turn her house basically in to a faraday cage? Yank off her siding and put some shielding around the house? it wouldn’t help the inside house EMF but could potentially keep more of the outside out?

Random thought.
It would be better to shield the inside of her room(s) than the outside. That way all the EMF would be blocked and it would not change the aesthetic of the house.

Easy way would be to panel the room in a metal, corrugated steel, sheet metal or foil. The trick being to make sure all the panels were electrically connected and grounded.

If you wanted to be less obtrusive you could put in a shielding grid directly on the studs then drywall over that. Wire mesh, sheet metal, etc. again the trick being making sure every part was electrically connected and grounded.

Don’t forget floor and ceilings too.

Foil or metal cladding the room would also have the befit of eliminating a lot of other allergens, in case she was allergic to something else.

Just shield the wall behind the meter, maybe 6sqft.( it doesn’t have to be thick, just thin sheet steel). Make sure to ground it. If she has emf sickness, she will want to use as little power as possible. Super efficient everything the power (ac) flowing through the wires makes emf.
The other option it to rewire the whole house in metal conduit, as well as the metal plate behind the meter.
If they have a microwave oven get rid of it.

A thought.

We use a shielding paint inside of electric guitars. (It’s not cheap) maybe one can use the same method inside the house on the walls?


It would be cheaper and more effective to help her find a good psychologist.


Or wear a foil hat like I do.


[quote=“AaronMatthews, post:2, topic:45665, full:true”]
It would be better to shield the inside of her room(s) than the outside. [/quote]
Yeah it probably would but I think shielding the outside of the house would be easier…then it could be hidden under the siding.

Well she claims she is feeling the effects from the neighbors houses meters… so I think she would do the whole house if she did anything. “Little power as possible” yeah you wouldn’t think that someone that says this is an issue would use as little as they could… nope every light in the house was on when I got there… no it wasn’t dark yet.

yeah know it is interesting you mention it… when I went there she mentioned she just had everything painted with a special paint… this is probably what she was talking about.

I brought that up to her but she said she was “feeling” the neighbors ones… I don’t know

I am not disagreeing there. I did some web searching on it and general medical consensus says the same thing… however there was a time when doctors advertised cigarettes

My Ex often reminds me why she is my ex… (shaking my head)

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I am an electrician, and emf can screw with you.
She probably thinks it’s the neighbors.
This also means nothing radio related, ie cell phone, wifi
She can get an emf meter to locate the hot spots.

Better Call Saul!!!

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So I have a question

Let’s say you did wrap the entire house on the outside. Will this actually solve the problem? What about all of the wires and electronics inside the house? Would these not produce EMI as well defeating the purpose of wrapping the outside of the house? Or is this individual just sensitive to “Other’s” EMI and immune to their own. (I know this might sound mean or rude, but I have run across individuals like this before).

I really don’t see wrapping the outside (don’t forget the Roof as well) actually working unless all of the electricity inside the house is removed entirely. I would even think it might be possible to make things worse by wrapping the entire house. The wrap might amplify everything inside by making the house a huge antenna. I am only speculating bc I’m not an expert by any means.

The only way I can see this working is if the interior walls are coated or the electrical inside the house needs to be turned off or removed.

Just a few thoughts.

Metal conduit, and shield around panel meter. Should be good enough, if it’s not she needs move away from other people.
In the mean time I would suggest led bulbs ( not fluorescent ), and other energy saving devices.

I don’t know… not like I would be doing that work anyways. Just thought I would give her some suggestions (and lots of good suggestions given here, much appreciated) My thought was that if this is really an issue for you… why have every light in the house on… live next to power lines… neighbors 20 feet away… and work in an office building? If she wants solar, I can shield that stuff I am not touching the rest of the house.


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There is some good information regarding this here;


A few years ago research by Dr. Martin Pall showed that smart meter microwaves can indeed cause health issues. Inside in your cell membranes are voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs). The problem is that these VGCCs are activated by microwaves, and when that happens, roughly 1 million calcium ions every second are released. These ions stimulate the release of nitric oxide (NO) inside cells and mitochondria, which then combines with superoxide to form peroxynitrite, which in turn creates hydroxyl free radicals. Hydroxyl free radicals are one of the most destructive free radicals known to man. They decimate mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, their membranes and proteins. The end result is mitochondrial dysfunction. The medical studies can be found here;

Also, check out this video;

Buy an RF meter to measure the radiation in your environment, so you can shield in the right places and measure the results. Don’t buy a cheap RF meter as they are not accurate. Also, do NOT wrap shielding around the smart meter. This will cause the smart meter to broadcast more frequently and can increase the level of RF into the surrounding area. A good movie to watch regarding smart meter shielding is located here;

Just because you may be ignorant on the subject matter doesn’t mean someone else is crazy :wink:

A microwave also has a big transformer, lots of emf.

tell her to buy an EMF meter.

Nope. What you’re talking about is manipulating numbers and how things are interpreted. What I’m talking about are facts. Two different things. I do agree that many studies are twisted around to serve some agenda, but usually good ol fashioned common sense can see through all that once you dig a little deeper.

Very interesting articles!
It’s not to say someone who has these very sensitive “feelings” are not a little crazy, but it would be just as crazy to simply “poo-poo” it all and say that it is all non-sense as well.
True, we have had microwaves around since the 50’s, obviously about 1000 fold more in number now than then, but if you look at the stats of the instances, and different types, of cancer are far greater now than then as well.
Also true that we have been bathed in CMBR since the beginning, but those levels are far far less than the staggering amount of human generated EMR that we are currently producing. What’s worse is that we are all currently participating in the long-term study of the impacts of all of that EMR on the human body - since all of this human EMR has only really been active since the 50’s or so and gets more and more added every year.
Yes, it can certainly begin to sound like a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory but you certainly cannot say that “all this extra EMR is of no consequence and will not impact the human body in the least!”
The old statements still hold true about - they said we would never break the sound barrier, never break 4 minute mile, Cubs never win the World Series again… :slight_smile:

The microwaves that make it to the earth interact with our atmosphere, which acts as a ‘radiation shield.’

However, there is no shield between a ‘smart meter’ and its environment. That’s the point, and why so-called smart meters can harm your health…

Try again.

The difference is the distance.