Letter Machining - Please Help

Hi all

Complete newby here, trying to machine out a few letters as my first project, but don’t know how to instruct my machine to cut out the pieces between the inside of a letter (using the A as an example).

Can someone please assist me?

If I understand you correctly, you want to keep the “A”, but you want to completely remove the interior of the “A” above the cross bar.

I poked around in Easel and couldn’t find an obvious way. I was able to do it manually by creating a triangle with the “Shapes” tab and placing it over the interior of the “A”. While making the interior of the “A” was not too hard, clearing out the interior of a “Q” would be very difficult.

Another way would be to design your letters outside of Easel with software like Inkscape, you can make your letters SVG shapes which you can import into Easel. The advantage is that you can make the interior of the “A” a different path than the rest of the “A” so that you can select “Cut outside of path” for the “A” body while selecting “Clear out pocket” for the inside path.

Are you trying to carve the “A” as a pocket, or are you looking to have an actual “A” cut out? Your squiggly lines look like you want it to be cut out as a pocket. If that is the case, go to the object’s “Cut” tab, then select “Clear out a pocket” in the Cut Path section.


Brandon Parker

Which one are you trying to get to?

Hi guys

I am trying to cut out the insides of the A, where I scribbled in red.

You want to select the A and use “Clear out pocket”

Thank you very much for all the responses, but it is not a standard font that I used in Easel, it is a DXF file that I’ve imported. I did however modify the original DXF file to include more lines in the two letters that I struggled with, that seemed to resolve the issue for me (for now, but ideally don’t want to go and modify them everytime).

If the letter A has any open paths you will not be able to Clear out pocket. You will need to fix the DFX file and import to Easel.