Letter outline tape

I am looking to paint a Board and then use my xcarve to carve out the letter outline and spray paint the outline a different color.

I was thinking to use masking tape on the board and have the x-carve cut through it using either a v bit or the 1/16 bit. Is masking tape the best to use or will it get into the bit and prevent it from cutting or cause the tape to come off the board?

Masking Tape will come off and gum up on the bit and come off of the board. I, as well as quite a few others use Oramask 813.


Put a sealer on the board before you carve it, I use shellac on the board first, then paint it, then put Oramask 810 on it, some people use Oramsk 813 but I use 810 because it is for solvent based paints.
Good Luck

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thank you all very much and i just orders some and looking forward to seeing the results.

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I have had good results using readily available Contact brand contact shelf paper. I seal with two coats of shellac and then lightly sand to remove roughness. Then apply paint. If necessary to get the surface relativity smooth I may lightly sand again. Then apply the contact paper making sure to firmly rub the entire area for good adhesion. I then use a Sharp 1/16" DOWNCUT bit to carve the outline of all the design elements. After that, I use a larger bit to clear the remaining areas of the two-stage cut.

I know some have not had much luck with contact paper but it works for me. I have Oramask but find it usually offers about the same result at twice the price. I have tried “Duck” brand contact paper and it was a fail. It’s adhesive just doesn’t stick as well and is thicker so tends to rip rather than cut.