Letter within letter inlay

I need to inlay a Maple letter Z into the same font larger Walnut letter Z to both be inlayed into a cypress parent board. 1) Should Inlay the smaller into the walnut, glue and set, then try to get the same index and cut the walnut out to go into the parent piece? or 2) wood (pun intended) I be better off putting the walnut inlay into the cypress, then cutting the inlay into the walnut for the maple? Or 3) just cut the
big pocket and the two separate inlays, one being a delicate outline, the other being the center piece?

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you’ll need to do the first inlay into the body, then inlay into the inlay.

I would get some rigid foam insulation to run the test carves before using hardwood.

Have you run the design through the inlay generator, It makes the male and female parts for you based on using an endmill and the selected diameter…

For straight inlays, I’d cut all 3 and glue up at the same time.
For a prismatic inlay (V-carve), I’d glue up the walnut into the the cypress, in place, then carve the pocket for the maple.

In this one, I inlaid the cherry into the walnut gluing on the machine. Then I inlaid the maple.
All of the male inlay parts were cut prior to doing anything with the walnut.


Thank you ken4!

Seth, I’ve used the inlay generator many times. works great! This is going to be a little different.

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Thank you Neil!

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Where is the inlay generator located in easel?

Select the design, then the Lego button and the 1st one is the inlay generator, there’s a video link within the tool as well

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Thank you!

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