Lettering Depth Difference

We ran a test and out first letter seems to cut well but the remaining letters did not reach the cut depth of the original letter. We checked for possible slippage between the stepper motor and Z-screw/delrin block but do not see anything odd. We are working with small areas (9X6) and see no real difference between the height of the gantry. Bit movement does not seem to be the issue either. Does anyone have any ideas why the letters would be different?


New xcarve?
Check this first

Wood can vary a lot in thickness and Vcarving can be very sensitive to this. You do not give the type of material or bit you are using but I would caliper the board all the way around and see what you get. If this is the case you may want to surface your work board just a hair to level it out.

Thanks for the assistance, we took off the dust shoe and it seemed to correct the problem. We get the board thickness and have a planer for this. Reviewed the video and will check the Z axis height when i get back to the machine.

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something to check, since you’re using a planer to flatten the workpiece, is that the workpiece is actually parallel to the gantry’s plane of movement. AND IF you have surfaced the wasteboard then it should be pretty close, BUT i’ve seen many new cnc owners who skip this step. . you can do this test to see IF the workpiece surface is parallel to the gantry’s plane of movement… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGIwETZzIsc

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