Leveling waste board to Y Axis and new Upgraded Z

I have upgraded my 1000mm X-Carve with the new Z, belts and stiffeners. I have noticed that the further from Zero (Far Left) to the right, my cuts begin to shallow, thus loosing details. Is their a comprehensive training video on how to level everything out?

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Well, the best way is actually to surface the wqdteboard top with a surfacing bit, and not to level it with a spirit (bubble) level. However the main wasteboard must be oversized in order to span the front to back to make the frame more rigid.

Most users will add a sacrificial wasteboard atop the stock one and surface that. You cab even add the lines back using a vbit if you like. These new lines will even be perfectly aligned to the x,y axis movement and actually be better than the lines on the stock wadteboard (unless you’ve already meticulously aligned the board to the gantrys natural movement)

There are of course other videos with different versions, but this one is basically a duplicate of thr stock one and you could even reuse the inserts from the stock one I think…

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