Lexan Question

Is Lexan a cast plastic? If not which is the best plastic to carve.

Lexan is a trade name for polycarbonate. It can be machined according to specs. Polycarb sheets are extruded.

Cast acrylic machines great. I have used both but with extruded sheet, I will usually use a coolant; small pieces, I’ll jus shoot some windex on the sheet every now and then.


I just finished a job using 0.188" Lexan - templates for a woodworking tool. I used a 1/8" 2-flute end mill, DOC of 0.03". 19,000rpm (3 on the 611), and feed rate of 20ipm. I got nice, clean chips, no burning, no dust. Due to the nature of its use, it had to be polycarbonate for its toughness. I tested at higher feed rates but wasn’t getting as clean a cut as I wanted.


Those look good, nice clean cuts.

That looks sexy

Where do you buy your PC?

I ordered from Zoro.com: http://www.zoro.com/

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Sweet, Thanks Bill

What did you use to engrave the sizes?

That looks great Bill. What bit did you use to countersink the holes?

I set up two pocket cuts; one for the countersink that is 11/32" diameter and 0.078" deep ; the through hole is 11/64" diameter and cuts to 1/8" deep. I used a 1/8" 2-flute bit for all cuts.