Lift pads in a pinch

I had to put my niece’s 2013 Toyota rav4 on the hydraulic lift to install a trailer hitch. Well, of course didn’t have the required lift pads, they cost over $200 and I had a hour. A very quick trip to dick’s sporting goods and a 12-pack of hockey pucks. Modeled the proper slot from the commercial ones, loaded into the x-carve and bam. I contact cemented 2 pucks for each pad as the slot only left a few mm at the bottom where the pinch weld would sit. All done with a 1/4” 3-flute TiN coated end mill.

Btw: the dust collection laughed at this, and I will be finding puck bits for months. In hindsight a jig to center the puck with a reliable xy zero would be good (didn’t matter here). Entire process took less than 30 minutes and about $20!


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