Light up business card

Any idea how this is done? Is it just a battery with a led straddling it? If so it doesn’t look like the cr 2032 battery or led size I’m use to seeing. Also any idea how long something like this would work without a resistor?


I have a tiny keyring torch that uses the same setup (led straddling battery, and then lights up when pressed, and therefore connected to the battery). It is a tiny led and battery, but has been used infrequently for 5 years or more.

I imagine that business card is the same, as I can’t see it lasting long if on permanently.
It’s a bit of a faff for a business card, but it’s definitely different

If you get a chance can you let me know what kind of battery it has.

Thats the site i saw them on too. Have you seen any build pictures?

That’s really neat!

I came across this …

and this…

Would be simple to make one of those.
I have made 3d printed business cards on my 3d printer.
Most really like them and all of them I made are gone.

Just make sure you use cast plastic.

i want to use the concept just not for business cards. I’m thinking small id cards for kids with bugs and whatnot carved in. its getting harder to keep cub scouts entertained. I know some of those small key chain lights have a domed piece that compresses to make contact when you push. any idea on making something like that.

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It’s a CR927