LightBurn and Easel

I have a question, what version of grbl do you use for lightburn and for easel?
I had version 1.1e but in easel there was a bug 8 and it was stopping work.
I loaded 0.9 and works well in easel but there is no $ 30 and $ 31 adjustment for the laser
I had versions 1.1f and 1.1h but it was the same as with 1.1e.
now I have 1.0c
and displays in error easel “not jadle” what does it mean?
Do you have any advice?

1.1f or 1.1g

also with 1.1f and 1.1g gets error 8
carving stops during operation

And with 1.0c get this message

Based on this post ( error 8 happens when the machine cannot home. Do you have homing switched installed and working on you X-Carve?

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I have limits turned off

I don’t have them, do I have to install them and will it be okay? Can it be easily turned off?

And let me add that in lightburn I don’t get any error just in easel

When you go through machine setup in Easel it should ask you if you have homing switches. Maybe run through Machine Set Up again and verify that when prompted for that question you say “No”?

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Configured a few times and nothing worked
I uploaded through easela grbl 1.1g I configured and continues to display error 8