Lightburn to Easel

SO I have a project I want to burn first and then use Easel to cut out the profile of shape. I’m making a clock in shape of State of Texas. I used Lightburn to burn the details first, and changed out laser module with spindle for CNC portion.

I exported the outline design in lightburn into a .svg file, imported that into easel. I was using the center of stock/workpiece for laser and set that up in easel. I am using center of stock zero method b/c I rotated the piece to maximize workpiece dimensions.

When I went to Easel, I set zero point to center of workpiece and when it started to carve, it wasn’t even close. Wondering what I was messing up or if this is even possible.

When I removed piece and actually drew lines to find center of stock, it was pretty close to that dot I used in lightburn. So I’m not sure what I messed up in easel.

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There’s certainly a few ways to address this engrave / carve setup, but there’s what I would do with it…

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