Lightly used Carvey for sale

Carvey and 10 tips for sale, used maybe an hour.
$1800. Great condition.
Prefer local pickup.
Dunedin, FL (Tampa area)

Hello, I am in Naples. I am looking for an upgrade that can precisely carve aluminum. Can you tell me why you want to get rid of your machine?

Frank Wood

Hi, Frank.
I bought it to carve aluminum and plexiglass molds for pressing silver in a hydraulic press, but I’ve had difficulty controlling the depth to get what I want. I’ve found it easier to use already milled steel dies rather than deal with the learning curve to create dies out of material that won’t hold up to repeated press usage. Basically, I misjudged and should not have gotten for this purpose.

Hello, is your machine “still for sale”? If it is can you please tell me the year and condition of the machine? Are those metal filings or is the inside scratched up? I am very interested in purchasing the Carvey for my Technology program.

Thank You

Steven Hauser


Yes, those are filings. The machine is not scratched. Bought it in 2016 and have used less than 3 hours. I wanted to cut dies for my hydraulic press, but I wasn’t happy with the results.


Just wanted to know if the carvey is still available

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