Like new Carvey for sale in Vancvour BC. Canada $1200 CAD

Carvey CNC for sale for $1200 CAD
Great beginner CNC.
Used less than 10 times in our makerspace so we decide to sell it.
Comes with all the original clamp set and some random bits.
Ready to test onsite.
Locate around Mt. Pleasant in Vancouver

Email us at

-Spindle: 300 DC - 12,000 RPM
-ER-11 Collet accepts bits with a 1/8" shank.
-Machine size: H: 16.6" W: 21.7" D: 20.5"
-Machine Weight: 70 lbs
-Work Area: W: 11.6" D: 8" H: 2.75"
-Accuracy: 0.003″
-Spindle runout: 0.001″
-Motor resolution: 0.001″ or greater on all axes
-Work area flatness: ±0.020″
-Control Software: Easel

This still for sale?

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