Limit Switch Broke

Turned on machine and router moved and just kept moving, causing limit switch on it to shatter. Anyone know if any stores might carry locally?

I have a couple spares just in case. I would just order a new one and use the machine without homing until it get to you.


You need to set your mechanical stop so that cannot happen again.

Without knowing where you are, it’s hard to say.

Amazon will get you some pretty fast, though.

Strickly speaking, the only requirement for the function to work is two wires that connect.
I mean, while you wait for the mailman :slight_smile:

Or simply run the machine without establishing machine zero while you wait.

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While you wait, you might want to troubleshoot why the machine failed to stop when the limit-switch should have been activated.

Open the machine inspector, press the button on the limit-switch, and check whether it is activated. Either the switch failed or you have a loose connection barring any firmware setup issues…


Brandon Parker

Thanks I ordered replacements and we were able to use while we wait!

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Thx. Will look into this.

Here is the mechanical stop I referred to.

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