Limit switch confusion

I know it’s been discussed before, but the assembly instructions, pictures, schematics, and videos all seem to show different ways of wiring the limit switches. I have my x-carve together, but when setting it up in easel, the z limit switch does nothing when the homing sequence is started. The dw611 hitting the bracket is the only thing that slows it down. Can someone straighten this issue out?

That’s rare problem, and mostly solved by going thru instruction for wiring one more time. I say check those tiny pin connection on G shield and make sure about polarity (Color coded white and black) . Which pin out on the switches must be used ETC.

There are several ways to hook up the switches depending on how you want to use them. The method that Inventables uses in their assembly instructions is to use the switches in the Normally Open configuration.

The common pin of the switch should be hooked to ground and the NO pin should be hooked to the gShield pin which is hooked to the Arduino via the gShield to Arduino pins.

With the USB cable plugged in to get power to the electronics you should be able to read about 5 volts on the normally open pin of the homing/limit switch. When you press the switch the NO pin should go to ground.

Once you get that working for all the switches we can go to the next step.

Just getting a chance to look at them now. I just wired them as in the video and instructions. Now looking at them the terminals are not in the same order. Gonna switch the wires and hope thats the only problem. Thanks

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My issue with the instructions for the limit switches, and it’s kind of a … Duh… Issue for me. Was; they say to wire them, then pull the wire through with the stepper motor wires. It says to label the stepper motor wires as x,y,z. But doesn’t say to label those. As a stickler for instructions at first… I didn’t. And when I had my bundle of wires, ready to go to the power box… I was unhappy to realize my mistake.

Easy enough to test with a multimeter on ohms setting to find which is which when you close the switch by hand. I actually used bands of heatshrink for my stepper wiring (none for x, 1 for y, 2 for z) before threading thru the drag chain so I knew which was which without the test later. With the stepper wire I did small knots (again none, one, or two). But the switch makes it easy to test after if needed. My own ‘duh’ moment was the Z axis I managed to solder to the middle and non-pivot terminal, while I soldered correctly for X and Y. It’s always something isn’t it :grin: ?

I made the mistake of using masking tape to mark the stepper and limit switch wiring but it all got torn off when I fed the wires through the cable chain. I didn’t notice until I bolted everything together :unamused:

Would have worked if I had a mtimeter. That works. Lol it’s just a… Should have. Etc.

I’d love if @InventablesXcarve had done an assembly for each option of both sizes. And yes. I know this would be lots of videos. Lol but it would be neat to have been able to watch start to finish 1000 with nema 23 and limit switches. Etc.