Limit switch home in sequence nothing moves

Hello I am new to the CNC world. I recently purchased and set up my X-Carve today.

I got everything ready to go and hooked it up to my laptop.
During the set up I follow the instructions as I have a Z controller and the Dewalt 611.

Everything works great when I did the test for moving the Y axle, X axle and Z axle prefect!

But when I get to the part that says “Test limit switches” I can’t get any farther!

When I click on the button to start homing sequence, the z-axis briefly moves down and stops. My computer remains open showing starting home in sequence but nothing happens. I have attached a video to show what it does when I press the button

From there I only have two options after I push stop and that is an option if my axles are moving in a different direction or not moving at all.

I have checked all my wiring in the back and it is correct according to the instructions on their website I have even moved all my switches around to see if there was a bad switch. I will also post pictures if anyone is interested to look at all my wiring.

I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t know enough about this machine to fix it myself.

I have posted a video that shows what happens when I push the button does the Z axle moves briefly and then stops. The rest of the photos are pictures of the switches with the wiring and then some photos of my wiring in the back of my control box

Are the bright aluminum washers that the switch levers bump into during homing too far in?..try moving them in the other direction 1/2" and see what happens. The washer needs to be placed so the lever can hit it before it reaches the end of the axis, then move back out to open up again. There is a $ setting too that needs to be large enough for the switch to operate again.

https://github.c![homing pull off|690x157]

I have everything centered so that nothing is touching the switches. But I still have not been able to get past the set up portion of the X carve.

Currently right now I have the most up-to-date easel drivers. I also have the most up-to-date Firmware.
a. I have checked all wires inside the control box they are all inserted correctly and completely together.
b. I have checked all the wires in the back of the control box they’re all connected correctly positive with positive negative with negative.
c. I have checked all my switches and they are all working correctly.
d. I have checked the wires going to the switches nothing is broken and they’re all hooked up correctly

According to the screen under machine inspection:
The following lights are displaying green:
Z and Y And the probe which is not even connected.
X , Play, Pause, soft stop Are not displaying green lights.

When I push the play pause and soft stop On the control box they light up on the screen.

When I press the X switch on the X carve to the clothes position it does nothing.

See photo:

When I run the program for setting up when I click on the start homing sequence…Under Test Limit switches: My Z axle Briefly moves but then stops and nothing happens after.
The screen on my computer continues to repeat and show the same window starting homing Sequence.

So so far all my firmware and the newest version of easel is completely updated and all my switches are working correctly and all my wiring is correct but the display on the Machine inspection is showing two of my switch is closed which are not but they are working.

On another note I attempted to skip the section where you can disable homing

can you toggle the actual switch? does it click and make connection and feel like it is working correctly? they are slightly delicate

We found out it was the control switch. First one bad, they sent another and it was bad too… third one the Charm

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