Limit switch homing setup is upside down

I finished the upgrade to the X-carve, and have been going through the set up. It took me a while to get movement from any of the stepper motors - until I read how many people don’t get the g-shield properly mounted (add one more to the list ). I continued through the setup, got the stepper motors moving in the right directions (they were reversed for some reason, but I have no idea why). And then moved onto the limit switch setup.

When I run the homing test, everything does the opposite of what it is supposed to (Spindle goes down, X and Y axes head to the back right corner). When I hit the link to change homing direction settings, nothing changes it still heads to the back right and spindle goes down. Am I missing something basic (again)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you familiar with grbl? Can you post the output from the grbl $$ command?

My understanding of grbl is pretty rudimentary.

That being said, since I’m accessing the set up through easel, and I’m mid-setup, I’m not sure how I would go about finding the grbl code for you. I can’t find anything on the easel page that would allow me to see the actual code.

I’m not looking at Easel at the moment, but I believe you can go to the Machine tab, find an advanced button, and then a ‘machine inspector’ button.

That should display the results of the $$ in a big text window you could copy and paste.

But if your motors are moving backward that should indicate you reversed the wiring. Note in the instructions the image that shows the cartoon wiring diagram and the one that shows the connections to the g-shield were rotated vertically from one another…

Maybe, but it could just be a setup issue. That’s why I ask for the $$ output so we can see what he has on his machine.

I’ve gone back and checked all my wiring, pulling it all apart and checking it with the multimeter, then matching it to the diagrams in the instructions. Then I made sure I had version 1.6.5 of arduino software. Everything seems to be correct, but I still can’t get the homing sequence to work correctly.

I’m going to try a new arduino and see if that does anything. After that, I’ll have pretty much exhausted all the options I can think of.