Limit switch wire lengths

I purchased the limit switch kit with the 3 switches. The wires were cut to lengths of 12’ (x2) and 6’. Which wire lengths go with what switch? Thanks for the help

I think the short one is for Y, it only has to go through one drag chain. X and Z go through both drag chains.

Have you read the homing/limit switch threads on this forum?

Awesome. I thought the same, but wanted another opinion. Thanks!

Two long ones for X and Z, shorter one for Y.

In the crimping stage of wiring large X-Carve limit switch wires. All wires have been threaded through the drag chains. Before crimping, can I cut the X and Z black and white wires and make them the same length as the Y wires before I crimp them?? Wasn’t sure if they still needed to be longer length at this stage.