Limit Switches Position

So i have my x and z switches, but not my y because i still the rail with the groove down, is there away to install this with out taking this apart ? so type of bracket or something ? Im new to all this by the way.

I made my first carve yesterday and everything was great. I was just wondering if their is a speed setting>? I’m using dewalt 611. It just seem to take a long time to carve small stuff like a square it take about 10-15 min

Post-Assembly T-Slot nuts are your friend, you can insert after-the-fact…

Just make sure to check sizes, so you have the right screw size and diameter.

I too had my X rails upside down so rather than swap them over, I made a couple of brackets that I could bolt onto the makerslide regardless of orientation.

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oh, crap, now that I re-read the email I realize I missed that …

Yeah, custom brackets are probably best. unless he wants to drill and tap the slide for new holes.

Yes the t slot will not work, i will probably do so type of glue or something to hold the switch, i do not think it will be press hard enough to move it but heck i manage to destroy my z limit switch lol

Any glue hard enough that you wouldn’t have accuracy issues Mite damage the maker slide. Anything soft enough that it wouldn’t damage the makerslide might have Flex causing accuracy issues. Just suck it up and reassemble it, it will take like 2 hours.

Even some industrial strength double sided tape will do the job. If your switches are operating correctly they will not take much of a hit.

Why is there no instructions for the limit switch x and y axis where the bolts are used to trip them?
I had to look at the grab cad file to figure it out.
If there is then disregard. I just didn’t happen to see it.
Now I will be able to get them to work.
Also I want to note that if the crimped ends are not crimped correctly you will not get the limit switches to work.
use a DVM to check. :slight_smile:
I had that issue on another project. Drove me nutz.