Limited to 400x200mm

I’m trying to run a job which is 400x400mm. The machine is setup as 450x450, however I see a purple box which is restricting my job to 400x200mm. Does anyone know how I can alter this so that I can run my job in a single pass?

Thanks in advance.

You can turn off tiling by going to “Material” at the top right and deactivate tiling.

BUT ALSO you’ll likely want to verify that your work area is setup properly… Go To Machine>Edit Machine and in there you can edit the work area setting. (make sure to click save to exit or else the changes will not save)

Thanks Seth.

It wasn’t tiling, but I had another job open in another window with a different setup. Once I got rid of it, I was good to go.



If you were seeing a purple box, like this one:

Than it was caused by one thing: Tiling being on

As you can see here, the only change was to turn Off tiling… and the purple box goes away. Now you could also disable tiling by changing your material Size, OR the Machine Work Area setting… but the purple was there because tiling was enabled…

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