Lines instead of arcs

Not sure if this is an easel or x carve question… all of my drawings are made in cad. When I cut circles, it’s a nice smooth circle with no “points”… When I cut an arc I get a series of points (like 3 on a 26deg 13"r arc) instead of a smooth arc. when I generate the arcs in cad I start with a circle and then trim… any thoughts?

There is this thread:

Fusion 360?

How are you generating your toolpaths?

DXF generated in Autosketch (discontinued autodesk product) then imported into easel.

Can you share the DXF?

Oddly enough, I made a part today and found that I lost a critical step causing a cut error. After examining my Gcode, I got to wondering if my G3 commands were impacting it or it was a laptop glitch. I had been using cambam to convert my dxf to gcode, but apparently I didn’t have mach3 as a post processor selected. Mach3 apparently converts g2/3 from arcs to lines and I use it to test the code before I use it on the Xcarve. I just re-generated the code and now the output has no g2/g3 arcs, but individual G1 lines instead I haven’t remade the part but suspect that this will improve this particular part. So while GRbl seems to accept g2/g3 commands, possibly you need to look at your post processor setting or even check to see what $12 is set at and if you need to make it smaller.

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He’s using Easel to generate his toolpaths. Easel doesn’t use G2/G3.

Actually quite easy…

Create you circle corresponding to the radius you are looking for. Lay a shape over the top and set to zero depth.

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@AdamLuff I may not have been clear. Easel, the CAD program, can generate all sorts of curves without issue (OP is importing a dxf anyway). Easel, the CAM program, does not generate gcode for arcs (G2s and G3s). Instead, it breaks all curves into tiny straight line moves (G1s).
Grbl will accept arc moves, but it calculates the tiny lines on the fly… That tolerance is set in $12 as @MartinW.Mcclary suggested.