Link operations?

Is there a way to link the operations tabs on the bottom? The entire project has the same Z height and XY home. I have each operation separate just in case something goes wrong during one, but it would be really nice if I could just link them together so I dont have to probe after each one. Seems like Im missing some no brainer level here. haha

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i called support. this is not supported unfortunately.

If you’re using the same bit you don’t have to probe or set the XY home each time.
When you get to the probe screen just select manual and it will be the same as your last probe.
For the home position just use last position

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The origin is always the 0,0. So as long as you use a sound method to align the design elements, then they are already aligned to the origin.

I use these methods daily

You can see how in this tray tutorial with 3 seperate workpieces

Thanks for the replys guys but I think you guys are missing my point a bit. The goal is to interact with the machine as least as possible in between operations.I currently do this by exporting G-Code for all operations that use the same bit as one operation then import the GCode into Easel. (I only use Easel to send Gcode to the machine) I was just hoping there was a feature where I could have each operation separate but “linked” in Easel allowing them to cut seamless. Instead I have an operation that is all of them, then each one separate in case I need to go back. I was just thinking a nice feature would be like a check box “link previous operation” when it would just start the following operation without having to interact in any way. Like I said, I pretty much allready do this on my own.

I think we missed the point because this is new information :point_up: knowing/understanding this part will help move forward with the root cause of the issue.

What software are you doing this part in? This is where they would typically be combined into a single file during the export.

Easel (and any other gcode sender that I am aware of for that matter be it UGS, OpenBuilds, Candle, PicSender, GSender, BuildBotics) will not connect or combine separate gcode files. You could open the gcode files in word or notepad and manually combine into a single gcode file, save that and upload into easel as a single file. OR identify why the CAM program you’re using is saving into separate files and fix it there.

Seth thanks for trying to help me out but my question was only can you link operations in easel. I called them and they said no.That’s the answer. I never said I have an issue combing G code. Maybe you misread my last reply? I dont have any issues exporting g code as a combined or separate files. I thought that was clear when i said “Instead I have an operation that is all of them, then each one separate in case I need to go back.” My apologies if that was not clear. But yeah I literally just wanted to know if easel had a feature that could link the tabs on the bottom and I got my answer directly from Inventables. Thanks again.

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