Linking File Within A Post

Excuse me if I am a little dense but I have searched for instructions on linking a file (SVG for example) in a post. Does the file need to be hosted elsewhere like Dropbox OR is there some way to do it within the forum. I tried using the “upload” button but that appeared to just show a picture of the file not a clickable link.

I think I found the answer. If I am correct you CAN upload the file and it will show as a photo BUT right clicking will allow a download. Is that correct?

Also, is there no way to delete a post once sent?

You can delete a post. Click on the icon with 3 dots below your post (show more ) and a garbage can icon will appear. Click it to delete post… I think there may be a time limit as to how long before you can’t delete a post - not sure on that.

Thanks! I appreciate the reply.