Linkscape svg

None of the choices to output svg.s from linkscape seem to work for me. Which one of the several choices are we supposed to choose to import into easel.

After converting your graphic to svg, make sure to delete the original which is behind the converted file.

Screenshot from 2018-09-10 08-36-19

I generally export in plain svg

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Make sure you convert all “objects to paths”, under the PATH menu Shift + CTRL + C.

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Hi Bryan:
In Inkscape a simple shape (converted to “object to path” and/or also Shift + Ctrl + C) saved as a Plain svg can’t be open in Easel.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

I don’t use Easel so I am not sure how it reacts. I use Estlcam and I have to convert all objects to path for them to show up. Either Shift + CTRL + C or the “Object to Path” under the menu.

Zoom in close on the image. More than likely you have open vectors somewhere in the image. All vectors must be closed

Combining paths (after converting all objects to paths) has helped me in certain instances as well. If I don’t perform that step, my images tend to import with the pieces moved around to different places.