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Linux/3018 and Easel compatible?

Have Dell Inspirion with USB2 and USB3 ports running Linux Mint21 connected via USB to a CNC3-3018Pro hobbyist milling machine and unable to get Easel functional. The CNC also came with an off-line controller sporting a memory card which could be loaded with G-Code files. The CNC works, the test files on the card in the off-line controller work, I just can not get Easel to connect. Linux reports the latest driver is installed; but, Easel still is not talking. When doing the “machine setup” most of the pre-defined parameters do not match the 3018 Ardrino with 24V spindle motor. Any ideas on how to turn this paper weight into something of value? My first project is just to produce a table name tag milling a dual-color vinyl sheet; a 2D project of just letters.

with the 3018 it is not really recommended to connect directly with Easel.

I would try UGS or OpenBuilds (one of those is Linux supported i think) and then export the gcode just as youve done before and send using a separate dedicated program