Linux cnc use for x-carve?

Has anyone used the linux cnc software for their X-Carve? If you have please PM with a bit of guidance on getting it off the ground.

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I would like info on this idea as well…

I don’t know how much of a difference there is in electronics between the X-Carve and the Shapeoko2, but that might be a place to start your search. It’s possible with that combination.

also interested in this. unless there are other options for free or open source CAM controller software.

I’m still new to the maker world, but I just ordered my x-carve, so this is a “work in progress…”

I am a Linux fan - BIG TIME! I was hoping to come to the forum and get some advice, not give it, but HERE’S MY PLAN (This seemed MUCH simpler than “learning” LinuxCNC.):

I ordered an x-carve WITHOUT the “electronics package” since “Easel” was not Linux-compatable. I am going to manually attach the “mechanical” X-Carve to my Arduino UNO with a 4-axis, GRBL-compatble motor controller shield ( I am using LibraCad and Universal G-code Sender as cad/cam.

UNO + GRBL-shield = $60 (on ebay)
LibraCad + UGS = $0
X-Carve was (in my opinion) best value for a CNC due to it’s limitless expansion capability. If all goes well, I hope to expand it BEYOND 1000mm x 1000mm (maybe 8ft+ x 4ft+), but deflection may be a issue, but that is a conversation for another forum)

I had SO MUCH success with the above set-up with a Sharpie-marker mounted to drawer slides and controlled by Acme Screws, that I decided to buy the X-Carve.

I figure if my crude Drawer-slide-machine could make accurate drawings, then the X-Carve could actually MAKE the Items I was drawing…

I hope I’m right, BECAUSE I HATE WINDOWS and I don’t want to buy a Mac just to run the X-Carve with “easel” (even though I am hoping they make Easel Linux-compatable, soon!)


To the best of my knowledge, nothing in the electronics package ties you to Windows or Easel. Like you mentioned, you can run UGS or Chilipeppr on a Linux box with a standard-spec X-Carve. Good luck with your build!

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Forgive me, but I was not meaning to “belittle” the electronics packages. To be honest, I never even looked at what was offered. This is basically a “plug-n-play” router for me.

Since I had SO much luck with my homemade Drawer-slide-pen-holder-acme-screw-on-plywood contraption, I went looking for a pre-made “router” that 1) looked sturdy and attractive, 2) could be easily attached to my current electronics, and 3) would be “expandable” in the future. X-Carve was awesome and I bought it after about 10 minutes of reading about it (I’ve been researching purchasing a router for a few months, now - I was leaning toward a Shapeko prior to this purchase).

The fact that it’s quasi-Made in the USA is a BIG bonus. Another big bonus is that there is “support” in the US – especially a “forum” like this one. The LAST thing I wanted was a Made-in-china router with no organized group of users to talk to if I had a problem!!!

I was able to do some basic “drawing” with Easel and found it incredibly user-friendly. The problem is that when I went to install it, it only had options for Windows and Mac. I REFUSE to use Windows EVER again and MAC is a bit pricey for a “hobby” computer. I will say this, If there is a “Mac build” to Easel, it is EASILY converted to Linux - as Mac’s OS is simply a “proprietary” copy of Linux…

Try using Easel from your Linux web browser and generating the G-code and downloading it. Then use UGS to control the X-Carve. This is what I do for some of my work with windows and planning on trying with Linux in the near future.


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Using Easel that way sounds like it SHOULD work, but it should ALSO work on my Drawer-slide-pen-holder-acme-screw-on-plywood contraption, too.

I have not gotten my X-Carve yet, so I may try your suggestion with my above “contraption” in the next few days…

If that works (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t), then this combination would make Easel “Linux-Compatable” and X-Carve should take advantage of that… There are MANY Linux-only makers out there.

I am brand new and have not recieved my X-Carve either but it sounds like easel will do a lot. that being said I am looking to make things with complext curves that would involve full 3d programability. (as I understand it easel is technically more 2.5d?) im sorry to broad stroke this but I have no CNC background. I am willing to build a computer to dedicate to this (and maybe some gaming haha). I need a sart point and this is the only thread I have found that hasnt been completely intimidating. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

You can run Easel locally on Linux without UGS. I’ve provided instructions here (I run the Easel driver on Raspberry Pi so that I can run Easel from a remote machine over the network):

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OK So I have a Raspberry PI 3, I installed the samyk/easel-driver. Driver is running:

2017-08-10T01:25:17.914Z iris.js [id=0] Starting Easel Local 0.3.7
2017-08-10T01:25:18.182Z iris.js [id=0] Listening on port 1438 for secure connections from
2017-08-10T01:25:18.229Z Machine [id=4] Resetting
2017-08-10T01:25:18.244Z iris.js [id=0] Listening on port 1338 for connections from

My computer has port forwarding and its connected:
pi@raspberrypi:~/easel-driver $ netstat -pan | grep 1338
(Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info
will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 4532/node
tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 4532/node
pi@raspberrypi:~/easel-driver $

When I go in to easel I still get a “Please connect USB”

Any idea?

Are you running the ncat commands as described in the “Remote Port Forwarding” section of the git?