Linux, Windows, or Mac?

Windows, Mac or Linux? Which is best for Cnc control? Anyone have any opinions they’d like to share?

If you’re thinking of using Easel, then Linux is out. No Easel local for Linux :disappointed:

I use Linuxcnc and it works just fine.

Windows. All of the commercial CNC software works with Windows (some have Mac/Linux versions also) and the vast majority of the Open Source stuff supports Windows also, so if you want a single OS that supports almost everything you’re looking at Windows.

Mac work for Cnc control.

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The reason I ask, is that I hear a lot about windows and missing steps, losing com ports, drivers, etc.
I have a mac that would be perfect, so I’ll go that route ( heh ) for now.

I use a Mac with Fusion 360 and Chillipepr.

Haven’t had any computer related issues.

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Just to clarify, Chillipeppr is like a deluxe version of UGS, right?

I don’t know, I couldn’t get UGS to work for me!

I’m not sure which one is better but I haven’t had any problems wth Chillipeppr. You give it files and it sends it to the x-carve.

It’s got a good preview which shows you what it’s going to do and also where the tool is in relation to the work before you press send. It’s a good sanity check when you are starting a job that you’ve not done before.

Has anyone used Grbl Controller?
Runs on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Grbl Controller was popular early on in the Shapeoko project. Sonny Jeon (chamnit), the current lead developer of Grbl noted that there were some potential difficulties w/ how it communicated w/ Grbl, development seemed to stall, and other programs became more popular. I used it when I first started, and it always worked well for me.

List of options here: