List of SKUs in Each X-Carve Kit Order Selection?

I want to order an X-Carve, but have the need to initially construct it to the dimensions of 1800mm x 1000mm (so that I can work quarter sheet stock). I found a link to the drawings for the parts that make up the X-Carve, but these didn’t appear to mention the SKU(s) in the Inventables Store that make up each item.

Is there a list of what SKUs make up each selection on the X-Carve ordering wizard, such that I would have a better chance of success in ordering everything I need the first time?

I suggest you email or call this route for a better answer and some outstanding customer service: (312) 775-7009 or
While many times they are following all the posts here in the forum, you may have quicker success contacting them direct. Happy Hunting

@JustinD_Morgan we operate in a continuous improvement environment. This means the parts are continually upgraded. As of today 5-30-15 these are the part numbers in the 1000mm rail kit. I adjusted them for you to replace 2 of the 1000mm MakerSlide parts with the 1800mm. You will also need some way to hold up the 1800mm in the middle because they will bow over that span. Some sort of L brackets can mount to the MakerSlide but you’ll need to add T-nuts if you go that route to the QTY numbers below for your solution.

This is not an officially supported configuration. If you feel comfortable supporting it yourself or with folks on the forum we encourage you to take it on. Our Customer Success staff is only trained to support the 500mm and 1000mm configurations sold on

Here are the SKU’s broken out:
GT2 Belting - Open Ended - 26053-01 (standard is 12 feet you need more since yours is longer)
Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Black - 26049-02 (QTY-2)
MakerSlide - 25142-03 (1000mm) (QTY-2)
MakerSlide - 25142-04 (1800mm) (QTY-2)
Pre-Assembly T-Slot Nuts - 25281-05 (QTY-12)
Extrusion Bracket (Gusset) - 26018-01 (QTY-6)
Aluminum Extrusion (20mm x 20mm) - Black - 26049-04 (QTY-3)(you’ll need longer)
Button Head Cap Screw - 25286-18 (QTY-12)

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@Zach_Kaplan Thanks for your reply.

Which drag chain size matches the one from the 1000mm kit? The instructions list a part number of “30331-10” for individual links, but that doesn’t [yet] correspond to a part on the store. If I knew which size that was, I could order a few meters of extra drag chain and I will be set.

I’m also doing some custom mods and wondered which drag chain the 500 and 1000 use.

@MikeMachado, it looks like the 1000mm uses the 20mm size (X-Carve 1000mm Drag Chain), which would be SKU 30331-05. I’ll know for sure if someone else confirms it, or when I receive the totality of my order in “3-4 weeks”.

As for the quantity of extra drag chain to go from 1000mm to 1800mm, I ordered 3m*. That number is an educated guesstimate.

@JustinD_Morgan Thanks!